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Le Village des arts de Dakar is a cultural showcase of Senegal. It is located in Dakar , on the road to the international airport Léopold Sédar Senghor, between the Leopold Sedar Senghor stadium and the bridge of the CICES .

I’ve been an architectural and commercial photographer in Vancouver since 1983. My preferred subjects are architecture and interiors and I’ve developed an excellent eye for buildings as photographic art. I’ve shot products, executives, travel, theatre, and more. My images are marketed around the world through AGE Fotostock and Canadian Press Images. Architectural Photography I have a clean style with classic composition, strong contrast, and great textures. I provide architectural, commercial, corporate, and advertising photography services...

It’s from the sea that everything began. When Olivier Bezombes was young, his grandfather told him his campaigns and made him dream of far countries. In the French Navy for more than 20 years, Olivier has sailed over most of the seas of the world, and he has covered all the continents. He had seen some of the most beautiful things and some of the biggest disasters, the excessiveness and...