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Jae Billingham is a professional artist and has spent 6 years traveling the United States being technically trained in the art of human face’s. She is a frequent student at Scottsdale Artists School, Arizona and specializes in graphite, charcoal and more recently illustration digital art.

Digital Artist Mark Humes Biography Mark Humes, a prolific digital abstract artist, was born in Wenatchee, Washington in 1974. He served in United States Army second infantry division and 101st Airborne Division until becoming disabled in 1995. After his career in the military, Mark Humes became the owner of the former WPAL- Paladin internet radio and on-air personality Dj Guilewolf, a worldwide Internet radio station when his Spirit of entrepreneurship and...

Katerina Lanfranco is a New York City-based visual artist making paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed media installations. She was born in Hamilton, Ontario in May 8, 1978. She studied art at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she received her B.A in Visual Art and in “Visual Theory and Museum Studies”. She also attended the Sierra Institute studying Nature Philosophies and Religions while camping in the California wilderness.

The Photo Forum is an international, online community of photographers, from beginners to professionals, film shooters and digital shooters. It is the mission of The Photo Forum to be an informative, educational, and friendly place to discuss all aspects of photography, as well as a place to share images. The following rules are in place so there can be no misconception regarding the privileges and responsibilities inherent by being a... has been on line since June 13th, 2006 with over 43,000 members and 1 million posts. The goal of Daniel Quitschau, the owner, is to develop and manage a creative writing community unlike any other – one where writers of all types feel at completely at home as part of the community, feel open to sharing their writing, and where writers help each other improve their writing and achieve their writing...