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Shannon K is the daughter of renowned Veteran Bollywood playback vocalist, Kumar Sanu. Born in India, Shannon K migrated to London at exceptionally youthful age, before moving to the United States to keep on pursuing her acting and singing vocation.

Biography of Michael Anthony Ingram Michael Anthony Ingram is a retired university professor and emerging digital artist. A Washington DC resident, he is committed to employing the arts to disseminate information and raise awareness about issues related to equity, power relations, and institutionalized oppression. He has also gained an international reputation as a spoken word artist and performance poet. Washington DC resident, he is committed to employing the arts to disseminate...

Jae Billingham is a professional artist and has spent 6 years traveling the United States being technically trained in the art of human face’s. She is a frequent student at Scottsdale Artists School, Arizona and specializes in graphite, charcoal and more recently illustration digital art.

Digital Artist Mark Humes Biography Mark Humes, a prolific digital abstract artist, was born in Wenatchee, Washington in 1974. He served in United States Army second infantry division and 101st Airborne Division until becoming disabled in 1995. After his career in the military, Mark Humes became the owner of the former WPAL- Paladin internet radio and on-air personality Dj Guilewolf, a worldwide Internet radio station when his Spirit of entrepreneurship and...