Yurii Barybin. The art in sound.

Yurii Barybin (born in Kherson , Ukraine) is a sound producer and mixing engineer, production manager, technical director, live sound engineer (FOH and monitor), audio systems engineer, personal in-ear monitor systems designer, recording and mastering engineer. Full member of Audio Engineer Society (AES) and member of Ukrainian Union of Audio Engineers.


Yurii Barybin loves music, and he’s very good at showing it. He’s a production manager and audio engineer who specializes in live audio. His whole life has been dedicated to music, and he doesn’t seem to be ready to stop any time soon.

While most of Yurii’s time now goes toward behind-the-scenes audio, he started out as a guitar player. His father was a vocalist who influenced Yurii’s musical taste with classical, jazz, rock, pop, and ethnic music. From his childhood, Yuri got an early grasp on the nuances of creating music, which he carried into forming his own band in high school. With a guitar in hand, Yurii would set up next to a mixing console during rehearsals so that he could mix the band’s audio while they practiced. This experimentation created the opportunity for Yurii to start mixing audio for other bands.

Since those early days, Yurii has worked with chart-toppers, award-winners, and world renowned companies. Perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments, though, is inventing the Diversity Source Audio Mixing Technique.

This technique splits the signals from different audio sources and sends it to different stage monitor loudspeakers so that performers, especially vocalists, can hear their own audio on top of the other stage audio. Yurii came up with the idea after spending a lot of time learning how performers prefer their audio. He has shared the technique with internationally recognized artists like Dan Balan, Stevie Wonder, and Mariah Carey, as well as several Ukrainian artists.

Yuri now works for Bulldozer Creative Workshop and continues to manage live audio. He recently started a new production company in Los Angeles that focuses on audiovisual concepts for festivals, concerts, conventions, and other events. He wants to use all of his past experience to provide the best audiovisual service available.



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